Medication for scars?

>Is there a medication that helps remove or lessens scar formation?


There is already a drug being marketed here in the Philippines. It is quite expensive but it will eventually work at removing scars.

Brandname is: CONTRACTUBEX

This is effective as long as you apply this cream preparation once a wound has completely healed (wala na ung langib - the dark brown hardened skin on top of the wound).

If however a few months has already lapse then tsaka pa lang nyo lalagyan ng Contractubex cream might not be effective anymore.

For a scar to be completely removed will definitely take a long time depending on how BIG the scar is. So, you will definitely have to shell out a thousand grand for the cream to work its magic.

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Birth Control Pills

>Reliable nga ba? (Is this reliable?)

>Meron na bang incident na nagfail ito? (Accidentally nabuntis kahit umiinom ng BC pills?) - Is there an incident wherein pill intake fails (i.e. accidental pregnancy despite taking the Pill?)

>Ang dami ko kasing ka-office mate na gumagamit ng ganito. Hindi ba 'to nakakatakot?
(Majority of my officemates are on the Pill. Isn't this a danger to one's health?)


All "Pills" (the ones related to our reproductive tract ha) contain either estrogen, progesterone or both. These 3 are hormones which has several roles in our body:

- it regulates our cycle
- helps smoothen our skin (particularly estrogen)
- helps lessen our risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

So why take pills if our body is already making these hormones?

- since it regulates our monthly cycle, we can also "manually" control our being fertile or not, hence, these are also used as contraceptives

- Yes, our bodies make these hormones BUT only up to a certain period of time called MENOPAUSE.

What is MENOPAUSE then?

- Menopause is a stage in life (most commonly occurring in women) wherein our body tends to stop manufacturing these hormones and so doctors would usually prescribe HRTs or Hormonal Replacement Therapy to prevent some women having irritating symptoms of menopause (most common are hot flushes and drying of vagina (tuyot or tigang kung sa tagalog, no offense meant).

Who can take Pills**?
- Those who are practicing family planning
- Those who have irregular menses
- Those who have acne
- Those who have hormonal imbalances

**Note: Your doctor is the one who will prescribe you with the right dosage of Pills based on what his clinical findings and/or lab results show.

Now comes the most important question:

Is it SAFE to take PILLS?

- Yes, it is safe AS LONG AS you follow what your doctor has prescribed you to do. Pills cannot be taken for very long periods of time. You have to let your body "rest" once in a while as per order of your physician because research show that long term use of pills can lead to reproductive tract cancers (particularly if you have a strong family history of cancer).

Are there any side effects in taking Pills?

- Yes there are side effects, but case to case basis only. What i mean by this is that, some people noticed getting mild headaches when taking pills. Yet other people noticed getting a full blown migraine which lasts for days. Other people however get nauseated (feeling ng pagsusuka). It depends on how your body responds.

- If you feel any discomfort when you take a certain brand of pills, discontinue it and shift to another brand (BUT with the same dosage and same Generic Name) until maging "Hiyang" ka sa brand na yun.

- However, if you notice you still have symptoms, discontinue your pill intake and consult your physician immediately.

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Abnormal Vaginal Secretions

>Is a foul-smelling vagina normal or not?
>What is normal?


Having a foul-smelling vagina can only mean one thing: INFECTION

Usually, it is a combination of a foul smell + unusual vaginal secretions.

Normally, the color of a vaginal discharge is whitish to light yellowish with no malodorous smell and no itchiness around the v-area.

An unusual vaginal discharge is sometimes:
- grayish
- yellowish and cheesy in consistency (like pigsa) or
- greenish (like uhog)

An infection can be a simple UTI or a more complicated one like STD.

Go to your gynecologist if you find anything unusual so your doctor can prescribe the RIGHT drug best for you.

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Help to rememdy baby's dry skin

Hi mommies and daddies. Ano po gamot sa dry skin ng baby? Ang dry kasi ng skin ng niece ko ngayon. Many thanks!


Although the above mentioned are oils, just make sure to do a skin test on your baby lalo na kung hindi pa siya napapahiran pa before ng oils/lotion.

To do the skin test, place a small drop of the oil onto one of your baby's arm (dun opposite ng siko nyo po ipahid). Wait for 24hours. Thereafter, check that area if there is any redness or swelling (parang kagat ng lamok). If there is, do not use that oil. Use another type or brand instead.

Aside from Virgin Coconut oil or mineral oil, you can also use the Brand "Cetaphil" which is hypoallergenic even to sensitive skin. You can also use Johnson&Johnson's baby products.

Again, always do a skin test before using it on your baby.

gildaaltez says:

Johnson's baby lotion (pink) is a water-based lotion so I myself suggest it. Napagaralan ko din minsan sa isang training namin on skin care na always be aware of what kind of skin products are we going to apply in our skin and complexion. Dapat laging water-based. Avoid products that have Mineral-oil content. Sabi nga tulad daw ng mga isda kaya namamatay kapag ang dagat ay puno ng krudo, kasi nga di makahinga. Ganyan din ang ating mga balat, kapag puno ng mineral oil, di nakakahinga kaya akala natin lagay tayo ng lagay ng lotion, instead na sumariwa ang kutis, lalong namanatay dahil sa mineral-oil contents. Those mineral-oil products include crude oil and gasoline na inipupurify lang na mga manufacturing companies pero inihahalo nga nila sa mga skin care products. Result? What do you think? Just my piece of cake,,,,,,

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