Vitamins for your child?

anu anu nga ba ang marerecomend nyu na vitamins for our child, to keep them active and safe from any sickness to remain them healthy. This also will benefit the new parents out there what to give to there babies.


Actually, any vitamins will do as long as "hiyang" yung bata dun.

When I say "hiyang"
1. Hindi nagbago o nawala appetite nya sa pagkain
2. Nasa tamang timbang pa rin ang bata para sa edad nya
3. Ok ang pagdumi (hindi constipated)
4. Hindi madalas magkasakit

So far ito na po ang mga usual na pinapansin. Pag may negative na pagbabago, i-hinto agad ang pagbigay ng vitamin at kumusulta agad sa duktor.

Under normal dosages, vitamins are safe. Overdosing can also be dangerous to a child's body as their metabolism is not yet that fully developed like us adults. So precaution is still adviced especially when self-medicating your kids. To check for the appropriate dosages, a small paper insert is included in every box of medicines including vitamins.

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LASIK Eye Surgery - is this a dangerous procedure?

Hi, is there anyone nag-try na magpa laser eye surgery? Di ba masakit? (Is it painful?) di ba delikado? (Isn't it dangerous?) I am tired of using contact lenses and eyeglasses. Gusto ko magpaopera ng mata pero kinakabahan ako.

Should I go for it? Confused


Criteria for LASIK eye surgery (if i remember correctly):
1. Young age group (20+ to 40+)
2.High error of refraction (usually -300 or +300, i think) or legally blind (you cannot focus/cannot see anything with/in reading range)

The procedure itself lasts for about 30minutes to 45mins. Pain= none, you will be given pain relievers if you are very sensitive.

Delikado = No. As long as you follow through what your ophthalmologist prescribes you to take then do so.

After 1 day rest, you can do your daily chores already as long as you have adjusted to your new set of "calibrated" eyes.

richinep says:

Let's see...

1. AGE:There is no REAL age requirement. we've already started doing it on kids whose vision is being threatened by high prescriptions. What is important is refraction stability. when it's stable (for 6 months to 1 year), then we can do it regardless of age.

2. HIGH ERROR: This may be true about 2 decades or so ago. with the leaps in technology in the last decade, we can do laser on eyes with as low as 0.75D (or 75). Note that the laws of deminishing returns comes into play here (i.e. it may no longer be cost effective at this low an error of refraction).

3. Duration of procedure:usually less than 15 minutes for both eyes

The rest are still quite true Smile

2008 Price at St.Luke's ranges from P61,900- P75,964 (both eyes) depends on what needs to be done on your eyes. Lasik is more expensive than PRK. Deduct 20% discount if done by September 2008 (P 49,520 – P60,771.20)

This includes:
1)Hospital Fee
2)Surgeon's Fee (I can give you a discount on my Surgeon's Fee)
3)Assist Fee
4)Medications During and immediately after surgery
5) 12 months follow-up and retouching
6) Free transport service to st.luke's on surgery day

Additional Screening Fee at St.Luke's is P 3,036

It’s expensive but remember… This is your eye and quality does come at a price


2008 Price at Fatima ~ P49,000 (both eyes, all in, regardless of procedure). Sometimes we need to have additional tests done that will cost from 1-2K more.

This Includes:
1)Hospital Fee
2)Surgeon's Fee
3)Assist Fee
4)Medications During and immediately after surgery
5) 12 months follow-up and retouching
6) Screening
7) Free transportation service to Fatima for screening day & day of surgery.

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What is the use of Diamond Peel?

>What is the use of Diamond Peel?
>Ano po ang ginagawa nito sa ating mukha? (What does it do to our face?)
>May disadvantages ba ito after mo magpa diamond peel? (are there any disadvantages after one
uses Diamond Peel?)

>Pwede ba ito sa lalake? (Can men also use this?)


Diamond peel is used for skin with blemishes/scars. The process or mechanism is similar to exfoliation of dead skin cells (superficial cells) so that the underlying smooth skin will appear.

Advantage: you will have a smoother looking skin with that "youthful healthy glow"

Disadvantage: at least 5 or more sessions depending on the severity of blemishes.
: you will have to shell out Php6,000 or more (per session costs around Php2K-3K depending on the
: once you have started on peeling, you will have to have maintainance schedule, otherwise new
cells thats underneath might not surface evenly.

My dermatologist doesn't advocate this procedure if you don't have any blemishes at all.

Diamond peel and Microdermabrasion are the ones used nowadays. Either of the two will do. From your reply, estimated number of session can be 8 or more (by that time, you will have smooth flawless skin).

It is best to go directly to a dermatologist just to be safe. I went to "Lets Face It" a few years back to get my pimples treated. To make the story short, lalong lumala - it got worse. (Note: I do not intend na manira ako ng company but I didn't know back then that the chemicals they used on my skin were not compatible with my skin type).

When I sought consult with a dermatologist, my pimples were gone and i got my normal skin back. She only recommended diamond peel if topical creams won't work.

I suggest you go to Jose Reyes Hospital (Tayuman), that's where the best dermatologists came from.

Note: For those of you who have already undergone this procedure, feel free to drop any comments on this so that others may have an idea of what it's like. Thanks!

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Lotsa adult questions coming from a young mind

- mer0n ba tlaga na kht pass 1 week ka palang nagkar0on ng peri0d eh fertile kana agad?
**yes, di ba nga 1week before at 1week after your 1st day of mens ang safe makipag do ng di nabubuntis lang.

- an0ng gagawin k0 parA maging safE ako sa sex kaHit hindi guMagamit nG cond0m or anYthing?..
**kung wala kang gagamiting contraceptive, makuntento ka na lang sa oral sex. he he he. walang malisya ha? yan kasi ang totoo.

- talaga ba na safe yung pag tingin niy0 sa calendar niy0 kung fertile kayo o hindi?
**di naman 100% accurate ang mga contraceptive methods. ang 100% safe, wag kang makipagsex.

- magkakar0on ka parin ba ng fertile days during ng pregnancy mo o hindi na dahil may baby na sa loob?
**may baby na kaya wala ng fertile days, yan ang alam ko.

- kung days ka palang preggy may mararamdaman ka na ba sa katawan mo? o any signs na preggy ka?
**malamang wala ka pang masyadong manotice na kakaiba sa first stage. depende yan sa babae.

- diba gurls kapag fertile tay0 alam naman natin? yung medjo wet cia and my something white na lumalabas?...
** ay ganun ba yon? kaya pala mas maganda pag fertile ang girl ano?


SIGNS/SYMPTOMS of PREGNANCY (these are what doctors look for)

1. Early/Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy:
-Cessation of menses (>10days)
-Breast changes (enlargement, tenderness)
-Vaginal changes (Chadwick's Sign)
-Skin Changes (increases
pigmentation/appearance of stiae)

*These are non-specific signs as these symptoms
can also be seen in other diseases.

2. Probable Signs of Pregnancy:
-Abdominal enlargement
-Changes in uterus (Hegar's Sign)
-Cervical changes (Goodle's Sign)
-Braxton-Hicks contraction
-Outline of the fetus
-Endocrine tests

Positive Signs of Pregnancy: (There's no
turning back)
-Identification of fetal heart rate (10-12th
week of gestation)
-Perception of fetal movement (20th wk)
-Sonographic recognition of the fetus
(8th wk)

3. You can use a pregnancy test kit 2 weeks from
the estimated missed period.

**It is much better to seek consult with your Ob-Gynecologist.

**If ever you jump in the sack and you are not ready of the consequences, please use protective barriers (condoms, diaphragms, pills, etc) OR BETTER YET, just wait until you are married.

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Ano mas effective (diatabs o imodium)?

sensya na medyo masakit tyan ko habang ginagawa itong thread na ito.


For diarrhea, the best cure for it is to eliminate it. A person is having bouts of diarrhea because there are toxins in the body that needs to be eliminated. So go to the toilet and sit on the throne.

Medications like loperamide (Immodium) and the like are anti-spasmodics. These drugs tend to stop your tummy and intestines from making persistalsis (hilab). The only mechanism for your body to remove the toxins is by bowel movement (pagtae). If you take in these medications, you therefore stop pagtatae and you also prolong the time waste material stays in your body. Mas matagal pa ang pagstop ng pagtatae. Hindi kase completely na-flush out ung dumi e.

The above medications can be used if a person has important matters to attend to (i.e. business meetings, nasa daan, no accessible toilet, etc). If, however, a person can have easy access to a toilet, then by all means, go. Don't let waste/toxins stay too long in your system as this can delay your recovery.

The best medication that the Department of Health advocates is Rehydration. During diarrheal attacks, our body looses fluids (and I mean, lots of it) including electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, etc) whicht our body needs in order to function properly.

So in case you or your loved ones have acute episodes of diarrhea, just simply drink an Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS) like Pedialyte, glucolyte, gatorade, etc. For every bout of LBM, drink a glass of ORS. Replace the amount of fluid that you lost as soon as possible.

If, for instance, you can't afford ORS, you can simply make one at home:

a. clean/boiled drinking water
b. a pinch of salt
c. 2 table spoons of sugar

put all the above ingredients in a glass and drink. It may taste crappy but it sure helps.

Eat banana too as this fruit is high in potassium.

However, take note for any improvements. If you find none, then it is wise to seek medical treatment as this may be already an underlying infection (Typhoid, amoebiasis, etc).

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