Insomnia - A night's bestfriend

>How can one overcome insomnia?


Diet: Eat foods rich in Serotonin (milk, cheese, fruits...)

Lifestyle: stress can cause sleepless nights. Try to eliminate your stressors. If you are a morning person and have difficulty sleeping at night - train your internal biological clock to sleep at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time everyday. Do it gradually so that your body can adapt to the changes. Oh, and ditch the TV (late night shows).

Sleep: Obtain a restful sleep - it doesnt matter how many hours a day of sleep you do, whats important is that when you wake up the next day, you feel well rested or refreshed.

When it comes to sleeping time, make sure you condition your body to sleep at the exact time every night (i.e. if you go to bed at around 10:00pm, make sure you go to bed on that same time on the succeeding days to allow your body to adjust or cope with the time).

I know its hard to do all this but it takes time and discipline for one to achieve it.

For additional info, i have found this related link. In case, you can't reach that, i just posted it here in the June '07 archive.

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