Pwede po ang magtanong?...
Ano po a yung mga pangpatanggal ng kuto? Help lang po kasi may kakilala po akong maraming kuto... (Translation: Can i ask a question?... What is the best remedy to remove head lice? I need help because i knew a lot people with this condition...)

For Lice and its eggs - Generic Name: Lindane
Brand Name: Kwell

I suggest you buy the shampoo preparation of kwell. While your cousin is bathing, use a fine-tooth comb and run it on the strands of hair while nakababad sa (soaked in) kwell shampoo so that even the eggs will come off. Use kwell shampoo everyday whenever taking a shower until all lice and eggs are removed. This usually will take about a a week or less.

**Note: If one member of the family has this kind of infestation, it is wise to let the others be treated with the same shampoo so as to prevent further spread and/or possible re-contamination.

Tell your cousin to avoid sharing things. Wash all linens (pillow cases, blankets, etc) and hair accessories (suklay, ipit, etc) that were exposed to your cousin's infected head.

To those who might recommend anti-dandruff shampoo, Forget it. It will not work. Why? The mechanism of action of Anti-dandruff shampoo is to eradicate FUNGUS-causing dandruff & NOT eradicating LICE. The difference between the two is that the latter is an arthropod. A Louse is NOT a fungus. Its physiology is different from that of a plant.

There is also a herbal counterpart of kwell BUT i do not know how effective that is.

You can ask any pharmacist in mercury drug store or watsons for the brand i just mentioned.

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