Congested Nose

Allergic Rhinitis is allergic reaction to dust, pollen, etc. Symptoms involve frequent sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and ears..

I've been suffering from this for years. Hirap! Di makaamoy, laging may sipon. Namumula mata at ilong all the time. Ang hirap mabuhay ng normal. (It is hard for me! I can't use my sense of smell, always have runny and congested nose, teary eyes all the time. It's hard to lead a normal life.)

I tried taking antihistamine like benadryl, kaso, lagi ako groggy (but, i am always groggy with benadryl). Can't function well.



The best solution is still to consult your physician so that you can be evaluated properly.

If it is a case of allergic rhinitis, i am sorry to tell you that antihistamines, leukotriene inhibitors, decongestants and/or even corticosteroids (for severe forms only) are the types of medications used.There is still no breakthrough in eradicating this disease (if i may call it that) permanently. Thank God meron nang naimbentong mga vaccines for different diseases, yes including cervical cancer. ^_^

What i usually tell my patients with this condition is to take their prescribed medications whenever they have an attack. I personally do not prescribe my patients with a nasal spray containing any form of decongestant because of the chance of having rhinitis medicamentosa or rebound rhinitis once a patient stops using these types of spray - possible na pwedeng bumalik at kung bumalik man, ito ay mas malala.

What do I tell my patients:

*For clearing stuffy nose, i tell them to take an oral decongestant in the form of :
Generic Name: Phenylpropanolamine HCl, Paracetamol, Chlorpheniramine Maleate
Brand/Trade names: Decolgen, Bioflu, Nafarin A among others (kayo na ang bahala kung saan kyo mas makakamura)


Drink a LOT of fluids like water or juice (definitely NOT any form of alcoholic beverages nor sodas or colas).

*To relieve the sniffles, redness, tears and/or itchinesscan be in the form of the following:
a. antihistamines: (any of these are effective antihistamines, the difference lang is the cost)
generic name: Loratadine 10mg (Brand: Claritin, Allerta, etc)
generic name: Desloratadine 5mg (Brand: Aerius)
generic name: Fexofenadine 120mg (Brand: telfast)

**These antihistamines does not cause so much drowsiness like Benadryl or Iterax. So for people who are
driving and those who needs a lot of consentration at work, the above meds are recommended.

b. Leukotriene inhibitor:
generic name: Monteleukast (there are currently 3 brand names available that i know of but their
price is not that cheap). Nevertheless, this drug is also a potent one and the mechanism of action is different from that of an antihistamine.

If you want to feel immediate relief, atihistamine is the preferred meds. Leukotrienes tend to act somewhat more
slower but it is longer lasting though.

Speaking of Nasal spray, the only spray i can recommend is the generic: Sodium Chloride nasal drops. At least this is a physiologic meds (i.e. our body fluids also contains salt).

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MKV2VOB said...

Snif sniff, di kasi nag pa flu shot ayan nag conggest ang nose, get a flu shot like what love did.

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