Can Mumps cause Sterility?

>Can Mumps cause STERILITY?
>What are its symptoms?


Mumps or commonly known as "beke" in our language is caused by a virus which attacks our glands (particularly our parotid salivary glands which is located at the lower back portion of our cheeks).

Symptoms of being infected are: moderate to high grade fever, headache, loss of appetite (sometimes) and most prominently noted is pain and swelling (bukol) localized at the back portion of your cheeks.

For males: If you got the mumps as a kid, don't worry. Your "future family tree" is safe. Your testicles during childhood are still carrying immature sperm cells which is of no use. However, if you got mumps after adolescent age (wherein your sperms are already "ready & mature" enough, there is an increased risk that you may develop Orchitis (it is an inflammation of one or both (minamalas ka nga naman talaga) testicles which houses the sperm cells). If the inflammation is not controlled especially if BOTH testicles are involved, then you may become sterile (hence no "future family tree" to make). If only one testicle got inflamed, lucky for you to still have one testicle left to produce your sperm cells. Statistics showed that it is usual or it is common that only one testicle gets infected by the virus and it seldom is both (buti nalang!!!) LoL.

For us women: the same is true. Yes, our ovaries can get infected and the same holds true that we can get sterile (baog) in the process if the infection isn't controlled fast. However, statistics showed that it is RARE for females that have mumps get infected in the ovaries as well... (phew, buti nalang!!!) LoL.

That's why as kids nowadays get the privilege of having the mumps vaccine. It doesn't necessarily mean that having the vaccine, you will not get infected. No. You may still get mumps BUT at least, the chances of having complications such as orchitis is very less. The purpose of a vaccine is to help boost our immune system. These are not some form of wonder drug. ^_^

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