Birth Control Pills

>Reliable nga ba? (Is this reliable?)

>Meron na bang incident na nagfail ito? (Accidentally nabuntis kahit umiinom ng BC pills?) - Is there an incident wherein pill intake fails (i.e. accidental pregnancy despite taking the Pill?)

>Ang dami ko kasing ka-office mate na gumagamit ng ganito. Hindi ba 'to nakakatakot?
(Majority of my officemates are on the Pill. Isn't this a danger to one's health?)


All "Pills" (the ones related to our reproductive tract ha) contain either estrogen, progesterone or both. These 3 are hormones which has several roles in our body:

- it regulates our cycle
- helps smoothen our skin (particularly estrogen)
- helps lessen our risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

So why take pills if our body is already making these hormones?

- since it regulates our monthly cycle, we can also "manually" control our being fertile or not, hence, these are also used as contraceptives

- Yes, our bodies make these hormones BUT only up to a certain period of time called MENOPAUSE.

What is MENOPAUSE then?

- Menopause is a stage in life (most commonly occurring in women) wherein our body tends to stop manufacturing these hormones and so doctors would usually prescribe HRTs or Hormonal Replacement Therapy to prevent some women having irritating symptoms of menopause (most common are hot flushes and drying of vagina (tuyot or tigang kung sa tagalog, no offense meant).

Who can take Pills**?
- Those who are practicing family planning
- Those who have irregular menses
- Those who have acne
- Those who have hormonal imbalances

**Note: Your doctor is the one who will prescribe you with the right dosage of Pills based on what his clinical findings and/or lab results show.

Now comes the most important question:

Is it SAFE to take PILLS?

- Yes, it is safe AS LONG AS you follow what your doctor has prescribed you to do. Pills cannot be taken for very long periods of time. You have to let your body "rest" once in a while as per order of your physician because research show that long term use of pills can lead to reproductive tract cancers (particularly if you have a strong family history of cancer).

Are there any side effects in taking Pills?

- Yes there are side effects, but case to case basis only. What i mean by this is that, some people noticed getting mild headaches when taking pills. Yet other people noticed getting a full blown migraine which lasts for days. Other people however get nauseated (feeling ng pagsusuka). It depends on how your body responds.

- If you feel any discomfort when you take a certain brand of pills, discontinue it and shift to another brand (BUT with the same dosage and same Generic Name) until maging "Hiyang" ka sa brand na yun.

- However, if you notice you still have symptoms, discontinue your pill intake and consult your physician immediately.

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