What is the use of Diamond Peel?

>What is the use of Diamond Peel?
>Ano po ang ginagawa nito sa ating mukha? (What does it do to our face?)
>May disadvantages ba ito after mo magpa diamond peel? (are there any disadvantages after one
uses Diamond Peel?)

>Pwede ba ito sa lalake? (Can men also use this?)


Diamond peel is used for skin with blemishes/scars. The process or mechanism is similar to exfoliation of dead skin cells (superficial cells) so that the underlying smooth skin will appear.

Advantage: you will have a smoother looking skin with that "youthful healthy glow"

Disadvantage: at least 5 or more sessions depending on the severity of blemishes.
: you will have to shell out Php6,000 or more (per session costs around Php2K-3K depending on the
: once you have started on peeling, you will have to have maintainance schedule, otherwise new
cells thats underneath might not surface evenly.

My dermatologist doesn't advocate this procedure if you don't have any blemishes at all.

Diamond peel and Microdermabrasion are the ones used nowadays. Either of the two will do. From your reply, estimated number of session can be 8 or more (by that time, you will have smooth flawless skin).

It is best to go directly to a dermatologist just to be safe. I went to "Lets Face It" a few years back to get my pimples treated. To make the story short, lalong lumala - it got worse. (Note: I do not intend na manira ako ng company but I didn't know back then that the chemicals they used on my skin were not compatible with my skin type).

When I sought consult with a dermatologist, my pimples were gone and i got my normal skin back. She only recommended diamond peel if topical creams won't work.

I suggest you go to Jose Reyes Hospital (Tayuman), that's where the best dermatologists came from.

Note: For those of you who have already undergone this procedure, feel free to drop any comments on this so that others may have an idea of what it's like. Thanks!

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Amy said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I chanced upon this page. So, Let's Face It's diamond peel isn't great? I don't know where to get great service. I'm now canvassing. Do you have any more suggestions? :)

Le chu said...

To Anonymous,

It is better that you see a dermatologist first to have your skin evaluated (what skin type you have/is your skin acne-prone/etc).

You can go to any hospitals (i.e. Jose Reyes, Makati Medical Center, UST hospital, Chinese General Hospital, etc) and have an appointment with a dermatologist. That way, your skin will definitely be in good expert hands.
I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

how much nman po ang mggstos 4 pimple treatment sa jose reyes?im hving a 2nd thought of whether or not mgppdiamond peel ako coz my promo sa skin n shape up sa sm nova...pls reply...tnx alot