LASIK Eye Surgery - is this a dangerous procedure?

Hi, is there anyone nag-try na magpa laser eye surgery? Di ba masakit? (Is it painful?) di ba delikado? (Isn't it dangerous?) I am tired of using contact lenses and eyeglasses. Gusto ko magpaopera ng mata pero kinakabahan ako.

Should I go for it? Confused


Criteria for LASIK eye surgery (if i remember correctly):
1. Young age group (20+ to 40+)
2.High error of refraction (usually -300 or +300, i think) or legally blind (you cannot focus/cannot see anything with/in reading range)

The procedure itself lasts for about 30minutes to 45mins. Pain= none, you will be given pain relievers if you are very sensitive.

Delikado = No. As long as you follow through what your ophthalmologist prescribes you to take then do so.

After 1 day rest, you can do your daily chores already as long as you have adjusted to your new set of "calibrated" eyes.

richinep says:

Let's see...

1. AGE:There is no REAL age requirement. we've already started doing it on kids whose vision is being threatened by high prescriptions. What is important is refraction stability. when it's stable (for 6 months to 1 year), then we can do it regardless of age.

2. HIGH ERROR: This may be true about 2 decades or so ago. with the leaps in technology in the last decade, we can do laser on eyes with as low as 0.75D (or 75). Note that the laws of deminishing returns comes into play here (i.e. it may no longer be cost effective at this low an error of refraction).

3. Duration of procedure:usually less than 15 minutes for both eyes

The rest are still quite true Smile

2008 Price at St.Luke's ranges from P61,900- P75,964 (both eyes) depends on what needs to be done on your eyes. Lasik is more expensive than PRK. Deduct 20% discount if done by September 2008 (P 49,520 – P60,771.20)

This includes:
1)Hospital Fee
2)Surgeon's Fee (I can give you a discount on my Surgeon's Fee)
3)Assist Fee
4)Medications During and immediately after surgery
5) 12 months follow-up and retouching
6) Free transport service to st.luke's on surgery day

Additional Screening Fee at St.Luke's is P 3,036

It’s expensive but remember… This is your eye and quality does come at a price


2008 Price at Fatima ~ P49,000 (both eyes, all in, regardless of procedure). Sometimes we need to have additional tests done that will cost from 1-2K more.

This Includes:
1)Hospital Fee
2)Surgeon's Fee
3)Assist Fee
4)Medications During and immediately after surgery
5) 12 months follow-up and retouching
6) Screening
7) Free transportation service to Fatima for screening day & day of surgery.