Ano mas effective (diatabs o imodium)?

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For diarrhea, the best cure for it is to eliminate it. A person is having bouts of diarrhea because there are toxins in the body that needs to be eliminated. So go to the toilet and sit on the throne.

Medications like loperamide (Immodium) and the like are anti-spasmodics. These drugs tend to stop your tummy and intestines from making persistalsis (hilab). The only mechanism for your body to remove the toxins is by bowel movement (pagtae). If you take in these medications, you therefore stop pagtatae and you also prolong the time waste material stays in your body. Mas matagal pa ang pagstop ng pagtatae. Hindi kase completely na-flush out ung dumi e.

The above medications can be used if a person has important matters to attend to (i.e. business meetings, nasa daan, no accessible toilet, etc). If, however, a person can have easy access to a toilet, then by all means, go. Don't let waste/toxins stay too long in your system as this can delay your recovery.

The best medication that the Department of Health advocates is Rehydration. During diarrheal attacks, our body looses fluids (and I mean, lots of it) including electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, etc) whicht our body needs in order to function properly.

So in case you or your loved ones have acute episodes of diarrhea, just simply drink an Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS) like Pedialyte, glucolyte, gatorade, etc. For every bout of LBM, drink a glass of ORS. Replace the amount of fluid that you lost as soon as possible.

If, for instance, you can't afford ORS, you can simply make one at home:

a. clean/boiled drinking water
b. a pinch of salt
c. 2 table spoons of sugar

put all the above ingredients in a glass and drink. It may taste crappy but it sure helps.

Eat banana too as this fruit is high in potassium.

However, take note for any improvements. If you find none, then it is wise to seek medical treatment as this may be already an underlying infection (Typhoid, amoebiasis, etc).

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