How to lower blood cholesterol


rexdeveraturda says:

Cholesterol per se is not really the problem, but the bad cholesterol aspect of it which clogs our arteries and eventually leads to many heart-congestion condition.

Our brain needs lots of good choleterol in order to function well. But once the bad cholesterol overwhelms our arteries and veins, that's where heart-disease related problems start.

Eat lots of raw or half-cooked green leafy veggies for good health. Avoid fried meats. The latter will certainly deliver you to a hell of many heart and blood circulation problems.


I agree with rexdeveraturda. The best way to control bad cholesterol is by living a healthy lifestyle. When i say healthy lifestyle, this includes a healthy, balanced diet (go, grow, glow foods) and active lifestyle (good exercise... yoga etc. and NOT stress).

make sure to have a yearly check up of your blood chemistry which includes Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, etc. so that you can monitor the amount of good and bad cholesterol.

If, however, lab exams reveal abnormal results. Consult your health care physician to give you lipid-lowering medication(s) which will suit you (yung hiyang sa 'yo at sa bulsa mo) as these drugs are somewhat expensive.

As for herbal supplements, one can try garlic capsules. These are much better than eating the raw ones.

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