The Emergency Pill

In case any of you forgot to count your fertile days, allow me to post what we usually call "Emergency Pill" or "Morning after Pill". If a female has unprotected sexual intercourse and isn't ready for responsibility yet, take a pill WITHIN 72hours POST-copulation.

1. Go to ur nearest pharmacy.
2. Ask for the highest dose of Estradiol Pill (that's around 35mcg or more per pill). Brandname:
3. Take 1 pill twice a day (1 in the a.m. and 1 in p.m.) for three consecutive days. That's it. Expect
to have some PMS symptoms and menstrual bleeding.

I hope this helps.

Comments :

Gilbert said...

hi...i havent found a plan B or emergency pills here in my area. they say that a regular contraceptive pill can be used instead. have u tried this one? how? pls. reply in my email. [email protected] thanks